Pandemic Relief Project in Pokhara

In Summer 2021, one of our wonderful volunteers Carolyn Eagan sponsored a pandemic relief project to help residents in one of the poorest areas in Nepal. Dr. Shin wrote the following letter asking for support:  
“Monsoon started here a few days ago, with heavy rain all day and all night. My heart was as heavy as the rain while seeing the life conditions of the people in the slum. With constant worries about the water level raised by the rain, which may sweep their houses any time, the spirits of these people were sinking more deeply due to shortage of food caused by the lockdown due to covid-19. After interviewing with them, I learned that 30 U.S dollars can feed one family of five members for two weeks. There are about a little over 90 households packed in this area. The most urgent items are rice, lentils, oil, salt, and sugar…” 
Shin started fundraising in Nepal asking for donation to her family and friends through social media. With the sum of the funds from the fundraising and the Carolyn’s fund and these people received the items to sustain their lives for a month. 

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