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Seasonal Hyperacute Panuveitis (SHAPU)—16 PDA points (AOM-BIO)

Day 4 (8 am – 5 pm): Eliya Shrestha, M.D.

Course Description:
Dr. Shrestha will introduce clinical features and classification of SHAPU.  According to her, SHAPU occurs on only odd years in the Fall to winter and affects mostly young children. Due to limited access to healthcare and a lack of education about the disease, many young children lose their eyesight within a week of the onset. In addition to losing their eyesight, some children may also suffer from permanent disfigurement. We will be visiting the region in the Fall during an odd year (2023), so we should expect to see many cases of SHAPU. Currently, conventional medicine offers limited treatment options and there are no studies evaluating the efficacy of acupuncture treatment in the treatment of SHAPU. Therefore, our best diagnosis assessment and treatment skills will be needed in this important endeavor.

Professor Shrestha, ophthalmologist and Medical Director of Himalaya Eye Hospital, graduated from Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu and had fellowships in oculoplasty and ocular oncology at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. She has participated in multiple research projects about a variety of eye conditions including SHAPU.

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Day 5 (8 am – 5 pm): Harimaya Gurung, M.D.

Dr. Gurung will discuss SHAPU complications and disease management. Participants will be expected to collaborate on comprehensive TCM treatment strategies including point selections and herbal formulas.  

An assistant professor at Himalaya Eye Hospital, Dr. Gurung has treated a large number of SHAPU cases as well as other eye diseases.


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 Case report 

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Disparities among Tibetan Communities in Nepal—4 PDA points (Ethics)

Sonam Sangpo, Immediate Past President of Local Tibetan Assembly, Tashiling

Mr. Sangpo will discuss the current situation of the Tibetan refugees and its impact on future generations. Many Tibetan refugees in Nepal are unable to pursue an education, find work or conduct business, and access basic necessities like clean water and medical care.    

As a project director for Global Action UK, Mr. Sangpo represents Antipodeans Australia in Nepal & India. He has also worked as a project coordinator for the American Himalayan Foundation and Fordays Co. Ltd. in Japan.

Out Standing President of Lions club 1992/93
Out Standing District Chairman of Lions Club of International 1996/97
Best District Chairman of Lions Club of International 1997/98 
Best Lions of Year 1997/98 
Best Region Chairman of Lions Club of International 1999/2000 
14 International  Lions President’s appreciation  Award 
Outstanding service in Tourism 2004 by RHAN 
Project Co ordination appreciation award from ITE Bishan Singapore 
Long service for Lionism Award  2006 
Social Service Award by Rising Circle Nepal 2008 
Budha Jayanti Samaroh Samiti Award   2009 
Social Service & Tourism(Vocational Award 2010) by Rotary Club International,Midtown Pokhara 
Social Service Award, Lions club of Pokhara Gandaki 
Social  Service Award, Sarangkot Village Development  2012 
Social  Service Award, Lions Club of  Pokhara Chautari Bindabasini 2014 
Lions International President Medal for social service 2013 
District Governor’s Medal for social service 2014 
District Governor’s Four star medal 2016 
Dagar Social service Award 2017 
Lions of the Month  2017 October 
Lion’s 100 years service award 2017 
Bharat Lal Humanitarian Award 2020 
Outstanding social service Award by Lions Club International District 325 J Nepal 2023 

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