Support for Eye Condition

Cataracts is the fifth most common eye disease in Pokhara, Nepal, affecting many children’s eyes. In 2021, Sharing Hearts in Nepal was pleased to support Himalaya Eye Hospital by donating a cataract surgery machine (phacoemulsification machine). Previously, Himalaya Eye Hospital had only one cataract surgery machine that could support the case load of a single physician. There would often be a long line of patients in front of the operating room. The other ophthalmologists at the hospital would perform manual cataracts surgery which, though it can be effective, takes 40 minutes longer, has a longer recovery time and carries more risks. With this second donated machine, the doctors at Himalaya Eye Hospital are able to perform twice as many surgeries in half the time.

To show their appreciation to Sharing Hearts in Nepal, Himalaya Eye Hospital pledged to provide free cataract surgery for up 5 patients a month, giving priority to Tibetan refugees. As of May 2023, more than 40 people have had free cataracts surgery. Sharing Hearts in Nepal has continued to support the hospital by covering the cost of maintenance and repair.

Memorandum, 2021

Phaco Machine Handover Ceremony

Cataract Surgery operation with the new machine


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