Children of the Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic Institute


The following are children’s needs that require immediate attention.

  1. Providing eggs as a source of protein 

These children have limited resources of food, and are undernourished. As an immediate corrective measure, one egg a day would at least provide them with sufficient amount of protein they need to stay healthy. The children currently have sponsors that provide two eggs per week. The immediate goal is to expand the donation to provide them with five eggs per week. Donation of $50 a week will feed the children one egg each week.

  1. One insulated water bottle for each child 

Children with warm water in insulated water bottles could endure the biting cold in the winter, as they have no heating system in the facility. This also is a pressing matter, as we approach winter.

  1. Clothing 

Providing children with warm clothes would protect them from the cold air from the Himalayan Mountains.
Regularly providing them with adequately sized shoes is of a high priority. 

  1. Solar light lamps 

Electricity is a precious resource for these children, and solar light lamps would give them light in the dark for studying at night. 

  1. Warm blankets 

Pema ts’al Sakya is currently in need of warm blankets for its children. 

  1. Solar water tank system 

Hot water is indeed a rare commodity during the winter, but hot baths could easily prevent a score of illnesses associated with being cold through the winter.

  1. Medicine

First aid kits, basic hygienic items, and over-the-counter medicines such as Tylenol, analgesic, and antipyretics could help children in cases of emergency.

  1. Nurse 

A nurse can be hired to work at the monastery to regularly check on children’s health with $300 per month. Medical emergencies happen, and a resident nurse would greatly help the children that require immediate treatment. Often times, small wounds that only require light treatment can create more serious complications if not treated in timely manner.