Volunteers at Sharing Hearts in Nepal have been providing free acupuncture clinics annually to 120 boys and 30 resident staff in Pema T’sal Sakya Monastery and Tibetan refugees. Accordingly, the patients have certain expectations about treatment style and codes of conduct. Therefore, for the sake of continuity, we are asking volunteers to adhere to TCM principles and practice. If you practice a different style of acupuncture, you are welcome to observe and assist team members in lieu of providing treatment. The same PDA credits will be provided to you. The same applies to treatments provided in Himalaya Eye Hospital. Additionally, you will be asked to keep detailed SOAP notes for research purposes. If you would like to bring your family or friends, they can register as volunteer only (no PDA credits) for discounted registration. If you have further questions, please contact Kyung Shin, the director of the organization, at 253-709-0457.



Registration fee 
Early registration – (ends on July 18h) 



Late registration – (ends on August 15th) 



Volunteer only (no PDA credits) 


Full payment is due within 5 days of acceptance.  


Registration payment format 

Registration payment is accepted as a form of donation to the organization using DonorBox platform. 


We encourage you to utilize Donorbox to create a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of your trip. Here’s how it works:  


  • Click the link “I want to fundraise for this” 

  • Register for Donorbox with your name and the email that matches your information on the registration form. 

  • Set a fundraising goal (e.g., $2,200.00 + your flight ticket price).  

  • Any amount exceeding $2,200.00 will be refunded so that it can be used to cover the cost of your trip.  

  • If you do not reach $2,200.00, you will be responsible for the difference after deducting $500.00 from the difference because you already paid the non-refundable $500.00 at the time of registration.  

  • If you do not wish to fundraise, please remit payment in full by clicking on the “Pay” button. 



Included in the registration fee: 

Acupuncture supplies: acupuncture needles, moxa, gloves, lighters, sharps containers, 70% and 90% alcohol, hand sanitizer, cotton balls, acupuncture bed sheets, cover sheets, pillows, bolsters, gloves, cups, tongs, guasha tools, bottles of oil 

Chinese herb medicine: candy medicines, granules 

Other operational expenses: room & meals, transportation, interpreters, clinic staff of each clinic, lecturers, web development, advertisement, course development, legal costs, website maintenance 


Breakfast: provided by the monastery 

Lunch: at local restaurant 

Dinner: provided by the monastery or Peme T’sal guest house restaurant  


Not included:  

Transportation cost during no class day 

Meal purchase by individuals outside the Peme T’sal guest house during no class day 


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